Member Quotes

Member Quotes

What our Members have to say about LCC:

“I have been a member of Ligonier CC for over 25 years and the beauty of the course still amazes me. But what makes Ligonier so unique is the membership and the staff. Most members are down to earth and extremely friendly. Whether your golf is good or bad, the people at Ligonier are always a pleasure to be with. We are blessed with a staff that does a great job in managing the club but, more importantly, the staff cares and works very hard in maintaining the club and the membership.”

- Mike Goodwin, member since 1985

“Jane, David, Lauren, and I are from the North Hills of Pittsburgh and used to belong to a local Country Club. Our first experiences with Ligonier Country Club was as guests. We were always treated like members and impressed by our experiences so much that we joined LCC as social members [in 2009]. In my opinion, LCC is one of the greatest entertainment values in Western Pennsylvania. Where else can you receive personal service and exceptional food. The menu is always changing providing new dining options as well as maintaining member favorites! Our family has taken advantage of many social functions at the club including Family Fun Day, Halloween, Easter and of course the Christmas parties. On occasion I even find time to play a round of golf! I would highly recommend Ligonier Country Club to anyone that is interested in golf, fine dining and fun-filled social events.”

- Christopher Binley, member since 2009

“I am a golf widow but Mike and I, even after 25 years, attend as many events at Ligonier CC as we can and the people are so enjoyable that we always have good time. The course and clubhouse are beautiful and if I were ever to take up golf it would be because of the members and staff at Ligonier CC..”

- Beth Goodwin, member since 1985

"I'm so grateful I decided to join the club almost 3 years ago. I've loved everything about it: amazing food, great golf events even for hackers like myself, and such a friendly atmosphere from all the staff all the time."

-Eric Vogelsang, member since 2019