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Ladies' Golf News ~ June 2020

The Ladies Golf Association will start organized play on Tuesday, June 2. It was unfortunate that we were unable to hold our opening day dinner and the opportunity to meet new and existing members who are not part of the Association.  We hope that you will take the opportunity to play with us and consider joining. The Association has both 18 hole and 9-hole players so there are options for everyone no matter your ability.

Handicap rating has been established for the forward tees. The USGA guidance is that players should select the tee that best fits their ability.  The age criteria used last year to determine eligibility to play the forward tees has been eliminated.  In practice, this means that forward tee players, with appropriate handicaps, may play in either 18 or 9-hole events using those tees.

We have made some schedule changes.  On June 2, the game will be closest to the pin forever.

Beat the Pro has been moved to June 9. The King & Queens event, hosted by Pat Warren, will be played on June 23. Pleases sign up in the pro shop so Pat will know how many kings are needed.

Sean Knaus has graciously offered to keep our ringers box in the pro shop. The alcove between the pro shop and the cart barn would be an ideal place to fill out your cards.

Remember that play now starts at 9:00 a.m.

Pro Event Skins 5/24 5/25

Pro Event 5 24 SKINS

Pro Event 5 25 SKINS

Memorial Day Weekend Pick Your Partner Results

Pro Event 5 23

Virtual Golf Bash Ticket Winners

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Facebook Live 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm

*Numbers will be verified for accuracy following the live feed*

2:30 pm  753 3:15 pm  511
2:35 pm  084 3:20 pm  075
2:40 pm  813 3:25 pm  867
2:45 pm  606 3:30 pm  063
2:50 pm  401 3:35 pm  745
2:55 pm  820 3:40 pm  110
3:00 pm  568 3:45 pm  610
3:05 pm  672 3:50 pm  937
3:10 pm  887 3:55 pm  654
3:12 pm  422 4:00 pm  636









*Trivia winners subject to review*

First Trivia Winner: Tom Lawson The Year LCC was founded: 1925

Second Trivia Winner: Bob Luther   Par of our current #1 hole: 5 

Follow up question Winner: Anthony Michael  Distance from the blue tees: 585

Third Trivia Winner: Tom Lawson    Spell the new pro's first and last name correctly: Sean Knaus

Fourth Trivia Winner: Rob Delisio    What is LCC's course record? 59, Stan Will

Fifth Triva Winner: Tyler Kunkle   In what year did our General Manager start at LCC? Bill Elliott started August 1, 2003

Yellow Phase Updates and Reminders

For more information on why you are not permitted to sit on the patio or in the parking lot, please refer to the PLCB legal notice (club and catering licensees) for golf courses and yellow phase guidelines for PA.


Updated Course Guidelines

Like many of you, we're happy to see our county listed as part of the next group of Pennsylvania counties to move into Governor Wolf's "Yellow Phase". The new phase does change some aspects relating to the golf course but does not put us back to normal.

Starting on Friday, May 15, there will be new guidelines going into effect. You will see these guidelines in the image below but please read carefully. A few keys notes to read are tee times will still be required, time intervals will be moving from 15 minutes to 10 minutes, tee times will begin earlier on the weekends, Group times will be allowed and Mondays will be open to walking only. Also, it has been brought to our attention that there has been ride sharing up #15 hill and other instances. Under no circumstance should this happen and it will be strictly enforced.

Starting on Saturday, the Range will open and you may start storing your bag and cart. If you have not signed up for either of these, please call the Golf Shop to do so. Signing up ahead of time for cart/bag storage is encouraged so the Golf Shop can properly plan the amount of space needed in the cart barn.

As of now, restaurants are still limited to take out, so we will be continuing with Curbside only, Wednesday through Saturday (11:30 am to 6:30 pm) until further notice. Visit the dining page for more information. 

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding during these changes