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The Golf Course will be CLOSED the remainder of the day (Friday, August 28th) for golf carts AND walking. We have received 1.5 inches of rain and counting.

An email will be sent out first thing tomorrow morning (Saturday) regarding the status of the course for days play.

Thank you and have a great day

Upcoming Dining Restrictions

Remember to Make Your Dining Reservations!
Reservations required for dinner. Call the Pavilion: 724-238-7620 ext 2-7

Returning This Friday, August 28th - Katelyn Rose
No available reservations left. 

On Friday, Aug. 28th and Saturday, Aug. 29th at 5pm we will have an All You Can Eat Dinner Buffet.
Lunch will be as normal both days in the pavilion.

Buffet Menu Includes:
Chicken Kolkata Noodles
Surimi and Shrimp Risotto
Beef Stroganoff
Pasta with Marinara and mini meatballs

We will not be serving the regular dining menu these nights. However, you may order pizza's if you do not prefer the buffet. Call and make your reservations for Saturday night!


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