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Member-Member 2019 Winners

2019 Member-Member

The turnout for the Member-Member reflected the weather sunny and bright.  Bill, Bobbi Jo and the entire F&B staff threw a great themed Southern Rock party and the golf course was in wonderful condition!  The Winners were: 

Ladies Net                                                                          

1st – Darlene Elliott-Jackie Elliott

2nd – Melane Baraniak- Kristen OBush

2nd –Joann Treskovich- Denise Smail                                                                                       

Mens Net                                                                

1st – Todd Cline- Les Botkin

2nd – Dave Strauser- Michael Cunningham

3rd – Bob Swann-Keith Miller

4th – Dan McDonald-Ricky McLeary

5th – Chris Antonikas- Kevin Metsger

6th – Brian Quinn-Jeep Quinn

7th – Art Hoopes-Jim Morford 

8th – Dave Gilbert-Mark Elliott

9th - Brad Jackson-Ryan Matsko


1st –Ed Elliot-Jim Biss

2nd –David Smail-Stan Treskovich

3rd –Dylan Marshall-Jimmy Sarver

Thank you to all that played and supported the club.