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Opening Day 2019 Winners

Opening Day April 13th-It was a beautiful crisp early morning start that rounded into a wonderful day.  The food was excellent and the course was ready as always.

Ladies –1st-Karen Murphy, Karen Hough, Joan Treskovich, Pat Warren  - Prox. Winners—Carol Onufro, Karen Hough

Men- 1st Lester Botkin, Mark Elliott, Bill Benton, Larry Giannone 2nd Mike Cunningham, Rick McLeary, Chuck Vecchiola, Terry Warren 3rd Jim Biss, Keith Visconti, Jack Krall, Vince Detore 4th-Bj Torau, Chris Kerr, Jay Vreeland, Bob Stewart 5th Ken McCracken, Dave Gilbert, Doug Sisson, Mike Snyder---Proximity winners-David Paladino, Lester Botkin, Mark Parish, Rick McLeary, Todd Cline, Stan Treskovich, Bj Torau

Thank you for playing!!!!!