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From the Pro ~ May 2023

Dear Members,

The Golf Season has started out a little bumpy but soon we’ll be enjoying consistent sunshine, 80-degree temperatures, fantastic events and having your favorite cocktail at the pavilion.

Due to weather conditions we had to cancel Opening Day but were able to hold our 4th Annual Golf Bash in the Pavilion. This was the first year where we had human interaction with our Golf bash. A total of 67 people came to watch, made small talk, and won extra cash and prizes. All 250 tickets we had sold and from that we were able to donate $1,200 to the Union Mission Shelter of Latrobe.

Now, May will soon be here, and we won’t leave you hanging as we have great events, social nights, and activities you can take part in. These include Ladies Social Nights, Bucks & Does, Intermediate Pints & Par-3 and Bedford Springs and Glengarry Exchange Days. We’re also pleased to announce that Nemacolin Country Club is now part of the Tri-County Golf Association. Unfamiliar with the Tri-Country, please see the Tri-County section below. Also, be sure to read below and see what Bucks & Does and our Intermediate Nights are all about.

Lastly, as the year starts, we want to make sure those that have been here awhile and those new don’t miss new items for this year. Please see all bullet points below on these items as well as events that may affect daily play for May.

 LCC Items:

  • On Mondays, the Club and Golf Shop are CLOSED but the course is open for walking. ONLY Full Golf Members may play (no guests, social, etc.) If you plan on playing, for round purposes, there will be a clip board at the brick pillars by #1. Please sign your name and how many holes you played.
  • Please check-in with the Golf Shop before playing even if you are walking.
  • Weekend Tee Times have changed, please see details below.
  • Please obey cart rules posted by the Golf Shop and keep all carts 30 yards away from the Green. Daily Cart Rulings are posted on the sign by the putting green.
  • 5-somes are NO LONGER permitted
  • If you are playing with a guest, please note guests’ fees include a cart, even when walking.
  • Pace of Play for Ligonier is 4 hours (2-hour front 9, 2-hour back 9)

Weekend Tee Times (UPDATE)

Starting Saturday, May 6, weekend tee times will begin at 7:20 AM.

New for 2023, there will be (5) OPEN Tee Times in between groups on Saturday & Sunday for Full Golf Members to book. These tee times are:
7:28 am, 8:40 am, 8:48 am, 9:36 am & 9:44 am

Tee Times can be made two weeks in advance and if bringing guests, currently only (1) guest per member during these allotted times.

The other blocked off times will be for LCC Groups. For those new to LCC, a few different Groups make up weekend morning tee times. These include:

Early Morning- (7:36 am to 8:16 am)
Ladies Group- (8:24 am & 8:32 am)
The Golf Guys- (8:56 am to 9:28 am)
International/DRIPS- (9:52 am to 10:16 am)

Each group plays a different game/format but for those interested please reach out to Sean (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for details and coordination with joining a group.

*If Groups do not use their allotted weekend times, these tee times will open the Friday before at 1:00 pm

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