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Ladies' Golf News ~ September 2022

Our season is in the last stretch.  There are no games the first two weeks of September due to course aeration. Tee times in September will be at 10:00 a.m.

August started with the Greens Game.  Chip-ins were worth 5 points; one putt was 3 points; two puts earned 1 point.  Two points were subtracted for a three putt.

  • 1st Place: Darlene Elliott with 25 points
  • 2nd Place: Becky DeMuth with 21 points
  • 9-hole winner was Dottie Lynch with 12 points

The Pink Lady was played on August 9.  Teams chosen by the Pro Shop had two pink balls of which one needed to be returned to qualify.  The team of Stephanie Trozzo, Denise Smail and Jan Litrun had the best pink lady score.

One of our major tournaments, the Ladies Classic took place on August 16.  Stephanie Trozzo was the gross winner with an 84.  Denise Smail took the net prize with a 68 and won the right to host next year.

Becky Demuth shot a net 78 from the Orange Tee for a win.

Skill prizes:

  • #4 Closest to the hole                     Stephanie Trozzo
  • #7 Closest to the hole                     Stephanie Trozzo
  • #10 Longest Drive                            Stephanie Trozzo
  • #11 Closest to the hole                  Cindy  Bode
  • #17 Closest to the hole                  Stephanie Trozzo
  • #18 Longest putt                              Linda Boyle

Orange tee

  • #2 Longest putt                                 Becky DeMuth

Karen Thompson was the hostess this year.  Our thanks go out to her for a wonderful picnic lunch and a useful tee gift of socks, tees and ball markers.  She managed to make it all happen even though she was ill and not able to play. 

The Ribbon Game was the gadget on August 23.  Teams were chosen by the Pro Shop.  Players were given a colored ribbon and each team had one of each color.  The net score of all the players with the same color determine the winner.  The team of Darlene Elliott, Linda Brody and Sherry O’Halloran won.

The 9-holers played Low Gross with a Twist, throwing out one hole based on a blind draw.  Dottie Lynch had the best low gross score.

The Snake will be played on August 30 and the results reported in the October newsletter.

Mark October 4, closing day, on your calendar. Tt will be the traditional scramble followed by lunch, meeting, awards, and election of officers.