LCC Blog

From the Pro ~ July 2022

Dear Members,

After a rocky start to the season with weather, June has been a scorcher and the first week of July looks to be the same. We’ve had many days perfect for Golf and Jim and his crew have the Golf Course in pristine condition. If you have yet to get on the course, do so now and enjoy!

June was filled with events from our Men’s Invitational, to Bucks & Does to our Parent-Child. Congratulations to Allen Jurica & Corey Riddell who battled Joe Corsi and Nick Turowski through (8) rounds to claim the title of Overall Champions.

We also had one for the books, a hole-in-one on #2. Congratulations to Steph Trozzo for an outstanding accomplishment being her first-ever!

Lastly, we have officially formed a Handicap Committee at Ligonier that consists of 5 volunteer members and one staff representative.  Peer review is an integral part of the handicap system to help ensure fairness, and thus the need for a Handicap Committee.  All reputable Clubs throughout the country have a Handicap Committee, and Ligonier should be no different.  While the Ligonier Handicap Committee is just getting underway, it's important that everyone understand the Committee's role in the Club.  While score review is an important aspect of the Committee's duties, it is just one of the duties they will undertake, including but not limited to Member education, ensuring the course details are accurate, and knowing the Rules of Handicapping.