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January 2022 Projects

It was quite the busy January at LCC.

The clubhouse facility has been painted, lighting updated in the office, and dishroom floor replaced (after finding it mostly rotted). The lighting is also being replaced in the Ballroom as we await a new chandelier! And on these cold days, our grounds crew has been refinishing the grillroom tables. 

Before the snow came along, the grounds crew finished some major drainage projects, refurbished #15's right-side sand trap, and transformed #15's fairway bunker to a mound. Other projects will commence once we thaw out.

And as always, Chef Jessica has been reviewing menus and pricing to bring you the best food at the best value possible, while Sean and Leah plan the event schedule. 

Also! The Board approving a new restroom at #10. It will be completed in-house and set into the hill where the old halfway house sat. It will be about double the size of the current restroom. The current restroom is now permanently closed do to aged pipework making it unusable. The building should take 4-6 weeks once the weather allows for work to begin. 

A big thank you to our member volunteers who have helped with projects thus far: Daniel McDonald, David Berenbrok, Stan Treskovich, Ed Elliott and Dave Lincoln. Your help is invaluable!


dishroom tables2 tables