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Ladies Golf News ~ August 2021

July started with the Flag Day gadget.  When players exhausted their handicap strokes, they planted their flag.  Linda Boyle made it into the hole on 18.  JoAn Treskovich ended her game 3” from the 18th hole.

The 9-holers played the same game.  Barbara Sloan and Ann Aungier ran out strokes at the same time on the 17th green.

The Queen Bee ringer tournament was played on July 13 and 20.  Stephanie Trozzo, with a net score of 60, is the new reigning Queen Bee. Thanks to JoAn Treskovich, last year’s Queen Bee for organizing the lunch after the second round.

The Lady Bug tournament for 9-holers was played on July 13 and 15.  Barbara Sloan successfully defended her title with a net 38.

The Pro Shop selected the teams for the Pink Lady gadget on July 27.  Each group was given two pink balls to play with.  Each group had the option not to use the Pink Lady on desired hole(s).  The group with the highest score with the pink balls won. 

1st Place: Darlene Elliott, Enis Cassill, Robin Guinta, Betty Rosa – 85

2nd Place: Cindy Soccio, Jan Litrun, Sherry O’Halloran – 76

The 9-holers played for low gross, with holes #1, #5, and #9 automatically reverting to par.

Barbara Sloan won with a score of 38.

Friend’s Day will take place on August 17, hosted by Betty Rosa and Karen Thompson.  Association members may bring up to three friends.  Members will be responsible for the cart fees for their guests and lunch following play.

The premier event in August is the Ladies Classic, hosted by Enis Cassill.  The tournament is restricted to members of the Ladies Golf Association.  18-holers and 9-holers are eligible to win in their respective groups.

August 31 will be a new Member-Member event with two person teams chosen by the Pro Shop.

Holes 1-6 is best ball of two, Holes 7-12 will be alternative shot. Holes 13-18 is a scramble