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Course Update Hole #5

After the drier 2020 weather, the ground was finally dry enough to access and cut down the dying willow tree in the area between #5 and #6.

This area of course has been a long-time issue to the course, and we hope we’re on the way to solving the issues once and for all.

Over the last week the grounds crew has been able to dig into the area. Finding 5 to 6 holes draining into the one spot made it evident the issue and that the attempted previous repairs with 4-inch pipe was inadequate.  Other pipe was also crowded with roots and there are still more areas of root clogging to discover. 

So: new 8-inch pipe has been laid, and a good new skeleton of drainage installed.

However, in accessing the area, we were met with absolute mud and constant water.  The area is extremely wet and will remain so for 2 to 3 months as it will take time and some lengths of dry weather for the area to dry up.

This area must be stayed out of and will be dangerously soft. It will be a free lift until we notify you otherwise.

While we wait for the area to dry, we will be formulating plans for tree replanting or landscaping.  We appreciate those of you who have offered suggestions and will take them into consideration, of course weighing all options as what is needed, feasible and affordable for that area.

Other Updates

  • Top dressing of the greens will occur next week.  For mid-April, and with that nice stretch of warm weather, the greens are coming along nicely for this time of year and after spring aerification.  They should be back to normal by Opening Weekend.
  • Greens cutting and/or rolling will resume on weekends beginning April 24th.
  • The entry way trees will be in soon and planting will begin any day now.  Please keep an eye out for our staff when pulling into club.

The trees are blooming, and the grass is starting to grow! We can’t wait to see it all in full swing and see you all soon!