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Ladies' Golf News ~ November 2020

How lucky it was that closing day was moved from September 29, when it rained, to October 6 when the sun was shining. Once again teams included 18 and 9-holers. Here are the results of the scramble and skill prizes:

  • 1st Place: Cindy Soccio, Barbara Sloan, Marcie Larson, Karen Thompson
  • 2nd Place: Darlene Elliott, Robin Giunta, Dottie Lynch
  • 3rd Place: JoAn Treskovich, Virginia Funnell, Anne Aungier
  • Closest to the Hole #7: Carolyn Morford (18-holer)
  • Longest Drive # 9: Cindy Soccio (18-holer) and Dottie Lynch (9-holer)
  • Closest to the Hole #11: Karen Thompson (18-holer) and Virginia Funnel (9-holer)
  • Longest Drive #14: Cindy Soccio (18-holer) and Suzanne Lynch (9-holer)
  •  Closest 2nd Shote #18: Virginia Funnell (9-holer)

Even with all the Covid restrictions and the delay in starting our season, 2020 was a great year.  We hardly missed a Tuesday play due to the drought. Again, I would like to thank all the members of the Association and Sean Knaus and his staff for their cooperation in making 2020 a success.
This will probably be the last of the news for this year.  See you again in March.
Barbara Sloan
Golf Chair/Secretary